Commemorative Obama Pen and Envelope Opener (BK)

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The commemorative Barack Obama executive pen and envelope opener set is well designed and is an outstanding value. The hand crafted pen writes extremely well and fits the hand very comfortably. After working several years on General Motor's assembly line, my ability to grip pens and pencils is not what it use to be. Most pen designs are such that I have to grip the grip area of the writing instrument too tightly. This causes my script to look unsteady. However, the panther pens' grip area and weight facilitates smooth and comfortable writing. My script no longer looks confidence while writing has been restored.  As for the outside appearance of the pen, its been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I first saw the pen, I perceived it to be " sound and sturdy." My perception was correct. Some people say that the pen has gravitas.