Candy Apple Red Pen and Envelope Sealer with Red Twist Cross and Opener

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Our goal is to produce beautiful, affordable handmade writing instruments that can be used by both you and your family members for generations to come…an heirloom!  The body of our pen is hand painted using three Primer Coats, three Acrylic Urethane Base coats, and  two 5 – Star Clear-coats.  This process and usage of quality metallic paints enables each and every pen to have a unique sparkle/winkle when placed in sunlight. Our patented control flow applicator topped with tricot facilitates the smooth sealing of envelopes, each and every time. You never have to worry about over saturation of envelopes or clogging. We use ink cartridges (black medium ink) manufactured by Schmidt Inc.  Our unique pen clips, Foxes and Crosses, are all handmade and finished with the finest rhinestones and crystals which have a very beautiful sparkle, which is very similar to the sparkle in Swarovski Crystals and gems. The Envelope Opener is made from superior alloys and has a cutting edge which enables the smooth opening of envelopes. Furthermore, the genuine leather envelope cover/sheath will last for generations. All of our products are Made In USA…Deuces!